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Homeopathy is an alternative medicine, which, once applied, does necessitate a desire to treat oneself with other medication.
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 How Can Homeopathy & I Help You?

“One of the fundamental tenets of HOMEOPATHY is that we do not treat a disease, we treat a patient with a disease.”

Mental Health

Mental and emotional issues are a real problem in our lives in these very busy days. Homeopathy can assist people with these problems with homeopathy.


Couples who are planning to become parents can visit my clinic. I can assist with male and female fertility problems. Male health is also a speciality of mine.

Pregnancy & Children

I can assist women in different periods of their pregnancy, I can help to prepare the body for childbirth and I can also work with women during childbirth.


If you have a cold, fever, flu or any other infectious disease, homeopathy can help you to recover and to help support and strenthen your immune system.

My name is Alona

I am a fully qualified Lic.IHS. Homeopath.

I am always looking at some natural healing for my family and people close to me.

I first became interested in Homeopathy over 15 years ago when I witnessed the good it could do for people and the many health issues that it seemed to solve for people and for myself personally.

Since that moment, I decided to obtain professional qualifications to enable me to work as a homeopath.

Alona Nikitina Homeopathy

How Does it Work?

The first introductory consultation with you will last about 15 minutes and is free. Should you decide that you want a further consultation the fees and durations are set out below.

Please note that all consultations are carried online via Zoom or an alternative online method.

– The first consultation will last 90 min

– Follow up 30 to 60 min

– Acute consultation 15- 30 min

This is John Hanamy. For about two months I had been having persistent problems with my digestive system, stomach cramps, constipation and lack of energy. I went for a Homeopathic consultation with Alona and she carried out a thorough Q and A session with me, asking about my symptoms and general health as well as lifestyle and any factors that might have lead to this problem. 
She recommended a Homeopathic remedy, Alum Oxide and a follow up remedy and within a week I was feeling better and after two weeks the stomach problems had disappeared and my levels of energy were back to normal. 
I would recommend Alona as a thorough, conscientious and caring Homeopathic therapist.

“I met Alona when she wasn’t yet a homeopath, but when she started to study it all our family switched from usual drugs to homeopathy remedies. I have 3 kids (16 y.o. boy, 12 y.o. boy and 3 y.o. girl) and my dad. So little one since she was born never used pharmaceutical drugs, homeopathy worked really well for her. When she was 2 months she had conjunctivitis and I used remedies, it helped very well. Any time she has a flu and temperature homeopathy works for her and she recovers perfectly. My middle boy had a fungal infection on his belly and GP said to apply cream on it, it didn’t work and became worse. So after taking remedies it disappeared in one week after constant consumption. I am very glad to use homeopathy and Alona really knows what she is doing. For myself I use only remedies, it helped me with my lower back problems and constant migraines. Thanks to Alona.”

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