Hello, it’s Alona here!

I am a passionate and fully qualified Lic.IHS. Homeopath currently engaged in an advanced homeopathic course with Dynamis school and Doula trained for child birth with DONA international.

As a mother of two, I’ve always treated my kids with homeopatic remedies and kept looking at some natural healing for the family members and people close to me.

The first time I became interested in Homeopathy was over 15 years ago while witnessing the good it could do to people and the many health issues that it seemed to solve for everyone, myself included. Since that moment, I decided to obtain professional qualifications to enable me to work as a homeopath and serving others with natural remedies for their health issues.

Originally from Latvia and relocated to Ireland many years ago, we can communicate perfectly in English, Latvian or Russian in order to find naturally healing for yourself and loved ones.

Alona Nikitina Homeopathy
“After my dad died, I went to Alona as a last resort, I have never sought help for anything like grief before but I was in so much pain from this grief that it was destroying me and I simply could not function anymore. After talking with Alona and attending a few homeopathy sessions I began to feel better. Even years later I still feel the terrible pain of grief but these sessions helped me tremendously and slowly put me on a direction towards coping again.“

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