About Me


Alona, a passionate and fully qualified Lic.IHS Homeopath is currently engaged in an advanced homeopathic course with Dynamis School and is trained for childbirth with DONA International. As a mother of two, she has always sought natural healing methods for her family, discovering the benefits of homeopathy over 15 years ago.

This journey inspired her to obtain professional qualifications to serve others with natural remedies for their health concerns.

Additionally, Alona holds a qualification as a Health Coach from the UEM University of Educational Medicine. Her passion for holistic medicine and a healthy lifestyle drives her to create enjoyable, sustainable wellness plans for her clients. As a health coach, Alona helps clients excel in their health journey, addressing chronic medical conditions, dietary changes, sleep disorders, and more.

Originally from Latvia and now based in Ireland, Alona can communicate seamlessly with clients in English, Latvian, or Russian, ensuring a comfortable and personalized experience for everyone.