Belly bloated. Pains cutting, griping, tearing,violent, in waves. Sometimes with – diarrhoea, nausea and vomiting. 

BETTER FOR BENDING DOUBLE, for pressure, for passing a stool. 

Worse for drinking, before a stool. 

Babies commonly pull their legs up to their bellies and scream if moved. 



Repeated episodes of excessive crying, often accompanied either by the drawing up of legs or stiffening of back. Irritability – baby screams angrily in pain. Will be soothed momentarily by walking/rocking but not for long. Nappies may be green.



Belly rumbling, windy. Pains cramping, griping, around the navel, twisting.

BETTER FOR BENDING BACKWARDS, for stretching out. 

Worse for bending forward, during the morning. 

Babies arch back and scream. They have rumbly, windy tummies and do not want to lie down and are better from being held upright. 

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