Consultations & Pricing

Homeopaths always ask so many interesting questions about client personal life. I need to know about a patient’s personality and physical constitution, different traumatic events in his/her life, his/her work and home environment and his/her preference in food and temperature.

It is absolutely confidential between me and my clients.

First Consultant

15 Minutes


Second Consultant

90 Minutes, plus remedy

Adult €100

Child €70

Follow up Consultant

30-60 Minutes, plus remedy

Adult €80

Child €60


15 -20 Minutes



“After my dad died, I went to Alona as a last resort, I have never sought help for anything like grief before but I was in so much pain from this grief that it was destroying me and I simply could not function anymore. After talking with Alona and attending a few homeopathy sessions I began to feel better. Even years later I still feel the terrible pain of grief but these sessions helped me tremendously and slowly put me on a direction towards coping again.”

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