Consultation & Pricing

We believe in the power of personalized care for both homeopathy and health coaching services. To provide the most effective and customized treatment plans, we delve deep into understanding your unique personality, physical constitution, life experiences, work and home environment, and preferences in food and temperature.

Keeping our client’s information confidential is of utmost importance to us, and we are dedicated to maintaining a strong bond of trust. Rest assured that all the information shared during our consultations will remain confidential between you and your practitioner.

First Meeting

15 Minutes


First Consultation

90 Minutes, plus remedy

Adult €100

Child €70

Follow up

30-60 Minutes, plus remedy

Adult €80

Child €60


15 -20 Minutes


Health Coaching
intro Meeting

15 Minutes


Main session

One month

250 euro -  for 4 meetings. 

Individual session

80 euro


One coaching session 

1 hour - 50 euro

Hypnotic techniques



20 to 60 Minutes

35 - 80 euro

After my dad died, I went to Alona as a last resort, I have never sought help for anything like grief before but I was in so much pain from this grief that it was destroying me and I simply could not function anymore. After talking with Alona and attending a few homeopathy sessions I began to feel better. Even years later I still feel the terrible pain of grief but these sessions helped me tremendously and slowly put me on a direction towards coping again.