What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is an opportunity to look at your health in a holistic way with the help of remedy.
I am a classic homeopath and my work follows the classic method of homeopathy.
If necessary I use a Tissue/cell salt for clients and organs support remedies.

Why Do People Work With Me?

Homeopathy is an alternative medicine, which, once applied, does necessitate a desire to treat oneself with other medication. There are many examples of the success of homeopathic remedies, the treatment of children with homeopathy is generally faster than that of adults. If there is a cold, fever, flu or different infectious diseases, homeopathy can cure the patient and supports their immune system. It gives me great pleasure to treat patients and watch them recover quickly.

Couples who are planning to become parents also visit my clinic. I can assist them with male and female fertility problems. Male health is also a speciality of mine. Mental and emotional issues are a real problem in our lives in these very busy days. Homeopathy can assist people with these problems with homeopathy. I can also assist women in different periods of pregnancy, to prepare the body for childbirth, also working with women during childbirth.

I believe I can help with many medical problems using homeopathy. Most of my patients are families with kids. I help women with homeopathy during their labour and after childbirth with physical and emotional complaints.


Always we have to remember one of the fundamental tenets of HOMEOPATHY is that we do not treat a disease, we treat a patient with a disease.

Very often I have clients with many of the complaints below.

• Colds
• Children with frequent illnesses
• Mental and Emotional support
• Insomnia
• Respiratory
• Diseases of the digestive organs
• Musculoskeletal diseases
• Male and Female health
• Fertility
• Skin and allergy
• Pregnancy support
• Childbirth
• Breastfeeding

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